Learn How I Have Helped Others Make A Full Time Income
Working PART TIME Hours
With The Phone Flipping Course 
My first 9 months flipping electronics on Ebay I did $249,290 in sales
Alan Leung Made 3k-4k Per Month Profit Working Part Time
Josh Sold $2961.54 In Sales In His First Month
Michelle Lynn Sells $7946/Month After Taking The Course
18 Year Old Brendin Did $3000 In His First 3 Weeks On Ebay.
Here's What You'll Learn From The Course
  • Ad strategies to get your phone RINGING OFF THE HOOK with people who will sell you their phones at a price you can make a great PROFIT and start MAKING MONEY IMMEDIATELY
  • How to NEGOTIATE with sellers to get them down to the LOWEST OFFER POSSIBLE even if they are difficult.
  • SECRET places to post ads looking to buy phones OTHER than just Craigslist that will get you way more calls.
  • Learn how to get your items to SELL in ONLY 1 or 2 days on Ebay.
  • Learn how to get people to come to YOU to meet up to sell their phone instead of driving far
  • Learn how I BEAT MY COMPETITION every month even though my area is flooded with people buying phones.
  • Learn how to buy unlocked, locked, BAD ESN, cracked, and water damaged phones for BIG PROFIT. 
  • EASILY learn how to go through the activation process of phones, factory restore, use different sim cards, and other important phone specific scenarios.
  • Learn how to also buy Macbooks, laptops, smartwatches, cameras, and other electronics safely and without getting BURNED.
  • Learn my whole shipping process, inventory, and record keeping system for your phone flipping business.
  • Learn how to be a MASTER at knowing what your items will sell for on Ebay so you can beat your competitors.
What comes with the course
  • Training Videos - over 40 videos with the course that train you on every aspect of the phone flipping business such as multiple craigslist posting videos, secret posting places, negotiation training, apraisal training, scaling, inspecting, listing, shipping, BAD ESN, IMEI checking, iCloud lock, sim cards, and many more.
  •  Bill Of Sale Template:Get the same bill of sale that I paid my attorney $1,000 to make up so that you don't get in trouble if an item comes up stolen that you bought. 
  •  Price Offering Manual: Quick reference guide to know how much to offer when buying phones.
  •  Step By Step Buying Guide: Quick cheat sheet to follow when buying items so you don't make a mistake
  •  Inventory card template: Make Ebay listing and help prevent returns with this custom inventory card that I use myself

Meet Dave
The designer of the course,

CEO of ibuy4resale inc.

Founder of Buycellfix www.buycellfix.com official website

Youtube persona WinAtLifeWithDave

Mentored by Tai Lopez(Multi-Millionaire investor, Youtube celebrity, and owner of the largest book club in the world)

Dave has read over 500 books in the last 5 years. He started his ebay business off a couch in his mothers basement 5 years ago and has $250,000 in sales on eBay.

Dave now lives in the nicest luxury apartment community in his state while only working 20 hours a week in his retail store. Having the freedom of being in business he is able to take a vacation 1-2 times a month and has traveled the country multiple times in the last 4 years. Just last year he took his family to Disney 3 times, went to house parties in Beverly Hills, CA and stayed at every state on the East Coast. 

Dave was mentored in person by Tai Lopez and his head executives at Tai's house and was also personally mentored by Matt Pocius who is the youngest highest paid internet marketer in the world and also made his first million at 18. 

Dave now wants to help others have the lifestyle that he leads and started a Youtube channel to educate others on living a very fulfilling lifestyle. He designed this course to help young entrepreneurs have the same opportunity as he did.
 Let me tell you my story...
It is amazing what you can accomplish in only 5 years.The first picture here is from 5 years ago. I was FAT, BROKE, and had NO SOCIAL LIFE(I suffered from social anxiety). I had gone bankrupt for the second time by the age of 30 and had only $500 to my name.

My wife, my daughter, and I lived in a room in my mothers basement because we had lost our house in the market crash of 2008. I was making $300/week as a carpet cleaner busting my butt every day.

One day I decided to write goals down for my future. I wrote a plan for the next 5 years. Then I wrote out a plan for life. I began reading and learning. I READ 500 books in the last 5 years. Then I started a business called iBuy4Resale Inc. back in 2012 which has blown up in the last 4 years.

The second picture is of my wife and I now. We are in the best shape of our lives, our businesses do over $45,000/month in sales, and we traveled to over 28 cities around the country last year alone. In two days I will be going to LA to visit Tai Lopez's mansion in Beverly Hills for the 6th time this year and hang with some of the most amazing people I have ever met.

I am not posting any of this to brag. The reason I am posting this is to show you that in 5 years YOUR WHOLE WORLD CAN CHANGE. I think what would have happened if I just wrote my goals down sooner and did this stuff in my twenties.

Where will you be in 5 years? Sometimes the weight of the future scares us so much that we never take that first step. I am URGING YOU to consider taking action today in your life. Take that first step and start changing your life for the better.
Do the things that you are scared to do and be willing to get a little uncomfortable and good things will come your way. If this changes one person's life today then it was worth posting.

•Bill Of Sale Template ($1,000 Value)

•Over 40 Instructional videos ($1,997 Value)

•Bonus #1: Step By Step buying guide($497 Value)

•Bonus #2: Price Offering Guide and Manuals($997 Value)

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Results may vary. There is no guarantee that you will get the same results as me or my students.Some students have even done better than me and some have done nothing at all. It all depends on the work ethic, determination, and willingness to learn of the individual.

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